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Beauty pick: Caption nail polish goes beyond gel

Posted on August 13 2015

Caption Nail Polish - Turn it up

Caption Nail Polish – Turn it up

When you live a fast paced life, you want beauty products that are not only simple and easy to apply but are also efficient. Gel manicures have been so popular over the past few years for such reasons. The idea of not having to worry about chipped color after just  two days is something that continues to appeal to the on-the-go, modern woman who enjoys looking polished (pun intended) without having to go back to the nail salon every week.

Pure bright red. Ready for a fiesta.

Pure bright red. Ready for a fiesta.

When we discovered Caption Nail Polish’s gorgeous colors and their mission to “revolutionize the modern manicure,” we were intrigued. Armed with a kit including a bottle of base coat, core color and top coat, we couldn’t wait to see how the brand’s multi-patented LAC Q3 technology stacked up to regular polish as well as gel polish.

Why we love it:

1. Caption offers some of the most gorgeous and rich colors we’ve seen this summer. The reds are hot and the blues are electric. You’re making a bold statement before even factoring in your wardrobe and makeup.

2. The polish brushes are full and give great precision. The ease of getting a full and even coat on your nails with just three swipes (center, left and then right) actually makes painting your nails a fun rather than tedious experience.

Caption Nail Polish Base Coat, Core Color and Top Coat

Caption Nail Polish Base Coat, Core Color and Top Coat

3. Caption’s LAC Q3 technology dries 3 times faster than regular polish. Our dry time was about 10 minutes. There was an extra 5 minutes in front of a fan just to be safe but all was well after.

4. Getting off gel manicure is an exhausting process. It not only takes time but the removal process itself seems to strip and weaken the nail bed and enamel. Caption polishes come off easily and quickly with your regular acetone remover.

Caption Nail Polish Base Coat

Caption Nail Polish Base Coat

FullSizeRender (7)

Caption Nail Polish Top Coat


Room for improvement:

Caption  can definitely compete with the best polishes out there. It’s certainly a healthier alternative to gel as you don’t feel like you’re putting your enamel through the wringer. What would be great is an even longer wear time. Although we didn’t experience a chip until about the 4th day, it would have been nice to go even longer. That being said, with the beautiful colors the brand offers, you’ll probably be switching things up every few days anyway.

Build your own 4 bottle Caption Kit here.


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